Torri di Popiglio © David Dolci

Macchia Antonini © David Dolci

Ponte di Castruccio © David Dolci

From Calamecca, it is easy to reach many other wonderful locations of the Pistoiese Mountains. On the website dedicated to Pistoiese Mountains you fill find lots of useful information.

Here are some destination suggestions, which give an idea of what you will find and which will delight both adults and children:

Nature reserves of the Macchia Antonini
Club Ippico Macchia Antonini
Eco-museum of the Montagna Pistoiese
Spiderpark, adventure park, Prunetta
Oasi Dynamo Camp
The Suspension Bridge, over the Lima creek that connects Mammiano Basso to Popiglio
The Bridge of Castruccio, on the Lima creek, loc. Lolle
The towers of Popiglio, from the antique fortress Securana
Teatro Mascagni, Popiglio Teatro Mascagni
Museum Ferrucciano, Gavinana
The Walls of Lizzano
The ancient archeological site of the fortress of the Castel di Mura, Lancisa
The Observatory, the Parco delle Stelle, Pian de’ Termini
Swimming pool Le Ginestre, Maresca
The Zoological Garden of Pistoia
Deposito Rotabili Storici di Pistoia, historical train yard of Pistoia
Pinocchio Park, Collodi